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Festival of the Epiphany (“Befana”9 - Urbania (9 km from Ca’ Piero)

In Urbania, the world capital of the Epiphany, January 2 to 6 there is the National Day of the Epiphany, the Festival of the Epiphany, unique and original, because this is where she has built her house for five days and will have in hand the whole city!
From January 2 to 6 Urbania becomes the City of Epiphany: the Mayor as every year, at the beginning of the event, will give the keys to the city to the Befana in person, inviting all present people to follow her all the days of the festival in a small town really changed: the Avenue of Toys, the Chocolate Place, the Emporio della Befana and all the streets of the charming old town will be filled with hundreds and hundreds of colored socks, flying witches, parade of witches, the world's longest sock and more games, music, shows and many stands of food and wine for the Epiphany,… not only to eat sweets but also to love the local specialties.

Festa del Duca - Urbino (24 km from Ca’ Piero)

The Festa del Duca "Curtains Renaissance" recalls the grandeur of the past with a major event that leads to the rediscovery through exhibitions, art workshops, film history, poetry, theatre, dance, markets and Renaissance craftsmen, located in the historical center, the rich cultural legacy and the splendor of the court of the Montefeltro.
Here every day, around the middle of August, renowned artisans such as jewelers, miniaturists, tanners, glaziers, potters, carvers, basket makers, weavers and sculptors alive via Veneto and via Puccinotti, while children and adults can try their skills in learn techniques of crafts and arts long forgotten in many laboratories in Via Raffaello and Via Bramante.
The streets and squares, recreate that magic and at the same time majestic atmosphere that reigned at the time of Montefeltro, a riot of shows. Ancient music, theatre in the vernacular and ethnic dance, poetry readings, exhibitions, a film festival, the only Italian festival dedicated to cinema history created by the great master M. Monicelli.
The climax of the show is "The Night of the Duke," when from Piazza Duca Federico, invaded for three days by snake charmers, fakirs, dancers and carriers of water, leave drummers, acrobats, jugglers, bagpipe players and flag bearers of Florence to honor the court of the Montefeltro with stunning shows and performances until the first light of day.


Truffle Fair of Acqualagna (25 km from Ca’ Piero)

The secular-old tradition of Acqualagna, research, production and sale of truffles makes its market THE “place to meet” for the promotion and marketing both domestically and internationally. Acqualagna collects two thirds of the national production of the precious tuber with about 600 tons of truffles of all kinds.
The entire town of Acqualagna makes its space available for this event. The main square is home to the stands of the traders of fresh truffles, historical soul of the party. The Palatartufo is the most important place to accommodate the more than 200,000 visitors to the Fair. Walking through its 4,000 square meters, fans of gastronomic culture can taste and buy the best that offers traditional Italian kitchen: the production-related truffle typical of the area, the variety of products and examples of delicious gastronomic production of other Italian regions. You can also visit the area dedicated to local furniture and famous art work of stone.


Motorcycle rally in Sant'Angelo in Vado (6 km from Ca’ Piero)

National Exhibition of White Truffle in the Marche, in Sant'Angelo in Vado (PU), the second weekend in October, combined with the annual national motorcycle rally.
Certainly the protagonist is the National Motorcycle Rally of Truffle, a mythical event, precious for motorcyclists throughout the world; every year they come together in the town Vadese to celebrate and enjoy the precious truffle season!
“More than a thousand bikers come to Sant'Angelo in Vado”, said Italo Collesi, Secretary of the legendary motorcycle clubs Tonino Benelli, sponsored by the Mountain Community of Upper and Middle Metauro and in collaboration with the Municipality organized Motorcycle Rally.
There is an air of celebration in the streets of the old town of Sant'Angelo in Vado during this second weekend of the Festival; among a parade of rare motorcycles and entertainment events of all kinds, a very festive weekend is presented to tourists and visitors.



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