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Travel options to Italy to the holiday home Ca Piero

• Arriving by car

You have three options for planning your journey to Ca Piero by car:

Fiat-500-Flagge-Italien-Fotolia 35377483 S

• Route planner on the Internet
• Ca Piero driving directions to print out
• Your navigation device (Google smartphone).

Basically, you should make a note of the position coordinates for Ca Piero:

- Longitude: 12.4792346
- Latitude: 43.7340838999999

It is also generally important that you do not use the PESARO motorway exit
but the motorway exit FANO on the Italian "Autostrada A14".

 • Route planner
Before leaving, you can call up various route planners on the Internet and the
Print results. We recommend the following route planner:

- Via Michelin: Via Michelin
- Routexl: Routexl.com

• Ca Piero directions
Based on our experience, we have a route description for you
corresponding photos compiled. To do this, click on the following photo *
and don't forget to print out the description before departure:

Fotolia 5917529 S
Please click the photo - driving directions

• Your navigation device
Basically: Do not blindly rely on your navigation device or smartphone.
Some of our guests have had serious problems here. Basically should
In any case, get the coordinates (see above) before departure and the car
Make a note of the Fano exit (A14). These are the most important parameters.


• Arriving by planeCaPi-Depositphotos-Flugzeug-02a

The following airports are available:

Bologna or Forli
Rynair (www.ryanair.com), Germanwings, Air Dolomiti (www.airdolomiti.de)
Lufthansa, Ryanair direct from: Amsterdam, Berlin, Düsseldorf-Weeze, Frankfurt-Hahn, Cologne-Bonn,
Munich, Vienna. We provide the information subject to changes by the airlines.

Rimini (shortest way to Ca Piero)
There are 8 airlines with direct flights from Germany to Rimini. These airlines
hot Albawings, blu-express, Pobeda Airline, Luxair, Lufthansa, Aeroflot, Ural Airlines,
AlMasria Airlines. We provide information subject to changes by airlines

Ancona-Falconara - Airport Marche
Both airports are located in Ancona Falconare
Lufthansa, Ryanair direct from: Brussels, Düsseldorf-Weeze, Munich
Pescara: Ryanair direct from: Brussels, Frankfurt-Hahn

Airport Marche - Please click here

Because of the distance to Ca Piero we recommend the airports of Rimini or

You can find an optimal flight route with prices on the Internet at the following portal:


If you are traveling by plane, you absolutely need a rental car to reach Ca Piero.
Here you can already book the vehicle in your home country with Hertz and Eurocar.
We would be happy to organize an inexpensive pick-up at the airport.


• Arriving by train or bus CaPi-Depositphotos-Eisenbahn-01b

By train to Pesaro, then by bus to Urbino and there change to Urbania. We would
be happy to organize your collection
cheap tariffs. Please also find out about bus travel
for example at Flixbus (www.flixbus.co.uk)



Now we wish you
a good and relaxing journey!



All details of the travel information are without guarantee.
* Note:

You need Adobe Reader to open the PDF files. You can do this
Download the program free of charge from the Internet at any time: http://get.adobe.com/de/reader/




















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